Microwave Activity

Pacific Northwest Microwave is a amateur radio group for builders and operators of microwave radio equipment. The groups primary focus is on the HAM bands above 1GHz. We strive to build transverters, LNAs, Power Amplifiers and test equipment.

We will be active in microwave contests throughout the year and will also do field testing of the equipment we build.

Club Meetings

We will meet twice per month to build and test equipment and exchange stories about HAM radio and other topics that might interest the group.

We are in the process of building a test lab with various types of test equipment, soldering stations and other things needed to build microwave components. As a group we have different experiences and skill levels so mentoring and helping other members is an important part of the groups activities.

Field Testing

Testing the equipment we build before we set out to participate in contests is an important step for a sucessful experience. After all the intent of contesting is to create as many contacts as possible. Since we operate in the Pacific Northwest we often use mountains as reflectors to create contacts when there is no direct line of sight between two stations. Alternatively we will setup on the top of mountains to make direct contacts.