ARRL 10GHz and Up Contest 2023

The ARRL 10 GHz & Up contest is the 3rd weekend of August and September. The rules have been updated for 2023.

AB6A - Dwayne

10Ghz 3W 24" Dish. Looking for feedback on where to operate around CN95/Hood River, OR. If there is a mountain someone can suggest where I can operate from my vehicle.

AG6QV - Frank

10 GHz 2W 18" dish, 122 GHz horn and dish. Operating from CN87tl pointed at the Olympics and CN87tk pointed at Rainer. Other location might be added later. Saturday only.

K7CVU - John

I will be high in the OR coast range CN85hq. I can hit MT Rainier, MT St Helens, and MT Adams from there Have 21'' offset dish and 3 watts. I have cell service there and am planning to take a 2 meter rig more powerful(50)W than the 817 (5W). Frequency?? Can do Sat or Sun but prefer Sat. Not sure I can do both but maybe.

N0CYT - Nick

I plan on being at in Marysville, WA CN88VA 10 GHz 18" dish, 0.5 Watts, 122 GHz 18" dish & chaparral horn (0.5 degrees) & portable unit 20 dB horn. Saturday only.

VA7SC - Scott

For the Saturday, my plans ( so far ) are to be out at CN99 beaming west. In the later afternoon I'll be heading back towards the west ( CN89 ) and will be available for QSO's. As for Sunday, I am open. I have a 2 Watt transverter with a 16" offset dish. Liaison will be on 2m ( 144.220Mhz or others ) cell or text.

W7GLF - Ray

Since I-405 will be closed between Bellevue and Renton I plan to operate from up here off the Olympics and Willows Creek Golf course for Rainier. I could join Fred and Nick but then they would not be able to work me for points. We need to plan some times. I will work the Olympics from the end of my driveway. If someone wanted to work Pilchuck I believe I can get to it from my front yard.

WA4OSH - Konrad

10GHz 200mW Horn Operating rover possibly on Bainbridge Island? Locations not identified yet. CN87SS, CN87RQ, CN87RP, CN87SP, CN87SO, CN87RO, CN87RN ? Saturday only.